Choosing No Nonsense Rentals


Since the amendments in real estate legislation in the last few years any person can now start up their own property management business without any formal qualifications - which has seen many people call themselves a property manager. This caused more than a few problems for landlords.

On the other side of the coin, many real estate agencies focus the majority of their time and effort on their sales business - with property management receiving second tier services.

At No Nonsense Rentals, property management is our core business - we are focused on providing landlords with outstanding property management services.  When you choose us, you are choosing a fully qualified, professional property management company that understands & is completely focused on your needs.

How do you choose a Property Manager?

There is more to property management than just finding a tenant & collecting the rent.  We understand that you are trusting us with a significant asset, we understand the importance of your rent being paid on time, we understand that you want to minimise outlays while maximising your income & we understand the importance of keeping you informed.


We understand what it means to be a landlord.


We offer qualified and experienced (and 'award winning') property management.

We offer sound, well documented processes and industry leading property management systems to ensure your property is managed effectively.

Professional property management adds value to the net income from your investment.

We endeavour to maximise your rental revenue by:

  1. Setting the correct rent at market value right from the start,

  2. Regularly reviewing rent over time, &

  3. Minimising vacancy.

We also provide advice on maintenance, ensuring that the property's condition is optimised for the rental market.  There is a right amount to spend on the property: too little depresses rent, too much depresses net return.  By attending to the management & care of your property this way, we will add value to your investment for a very small cost to you.

Finding the right tenant, quickly


We utilise an effective marketing campaign using advertising media at our disposal to attract as many potential tenants for your property as possible.  This is predominantly through:

  1. Trade Me

  2. Facebook

  3. Our website.

Comprehensive descriptions fully highlighting the advantages of your property are used in all advertising, with high-quality digital photographs.  A high impact 'For Rent' sign is erected providing additional road exposure.  Your property will also be included in our 'Rental Alert' service, where prospective tenants are emailed our new listings.

After all the above - once we've found prospective tenants we hold unlimited escorted viewings of your property 7 days a week (as per demand).

We have applicants, now what?

Tenant screening procedures include:

  • Interviewing the prospective tenant,

  • Reference and identity checks,

  • Credit check,

  • Check for any prior Tenancy Tribunal orders,

  • Rental history checks with their immediate past two tenancies, &

  • Employment checks.

This process screens out unsuitable tenants and leaves you with a candidate you can feel confident about.  Or if you'd like, we can send all applicants to you so you can make your own decision!

Actively managing your property


The level of our involvement with your property is up to you.  We can take care of everything or just do the jobs you prefer not to do yourself.

The following is what can be included:

  • Full advertising & marketing services to rent your property.

  • Tenant screening.

  • Comprehensive Initial Inspection Report with detailed photos - signed by both Property Manager tenant.

  • Collection, receipting and disbursement of rent.

  • Routine inspection service - every 3 months. Summary & recommended maintenance sent to you.

  • Use of qualified trades people for maintenance & repairs.  We will not arrange any repairs above your pre-approved disbursement level without your consent (unless the repair is "urgent" as per the Residential Tenancies Act).

  • Payment of property expenses (subject to availability of funds).

  • Full rent arrears management.

  • Mediation & Tenancy Tribunal hearings - we attend in your place if the need arises.

  • We will keep you informed - we guarantee that we will advise you of all important matters relating to your property.

  • We will provide detailed monthly statements that are easy to understand.