Why rent with us?

Trying to find somewhere to live can be an exhausting and time consuming process.

Do your phone calls and questions go unanswered?  Nothing gets done?  Given the run-around trying to find a home?  Treated as if you're not important?  Would you prefer to deal with a dedicated & professional team that treats property management as its core business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, its time you talked to us.

Finding your property

If you can't find anything right now on our Rentals page, you can subscribe for listings alerts.  We will alert you via email as soon as any property is listed for rent. You can also follow our listings on either TradeMe or Facebook.

If you want to have yourself ready & first in the queue for a property, then check out our tenancy application form.  By having this completed you will be ready to submit your application when you view the property - first in..!

The A B C of being a great tenant

This is not rocket science, it's exactly how you would like to be treated yourself.  All we expect is:

Pay your rent in advance, and on time.

  • Please talk to us ASAP if your ability to pay is being affected by personal circumstances.
  • Do not withhold your rent payment for any reason e.g. waiting on repairs.  This is illegal and will only aggravate matters.

Look after the property

  • Report all maintenance issues to us promptly.
  • Please note your Initial Inspection Report.  Make sure you maintain the property in the condition you found it (this includes the grounds).
  • Look after the property as if you owned it - after all it is your home.

Treat the neighbours with respect

  • Please do not make any unreasonable noise or engage in anti-social behaviour (guests included).
  • Please let the neighbours know if you're planning a party.

As soon as you come across a problem, talk to us

Following the above suggestions will result in a great relationship with you, but if you choose not to follow the above then we will remind you of your responsibilities.  If the problem persists we will have no option but to assert the landlord's rights.  This is where things can get difficult.

We are here to help you

All of us at No Nonsense Rentals work hard to give all our tenants first class service - but of course this also requires your co-operation and communication.

  • Don't avoid problems relating to your tenancy.
  • Respond promptly to any communication from us.
  • Don't frustrate or antagonize your property manager (they're human too).
  • Above all - communicate!

Throughout your tenancy with No Nonsense Rentals you can be assured of:

  • One main point of contact with backup when unavailable.
  • Phone calls, emails and correspondence will be responded to promptly.
  • You can request maintenance online.
  • In the event of an emergency you can contact us 24/7.

We value your tenancy!