Tenant Information

Tenant Information

Welcome to your new home and we look forward to our relationship with you as a tenant.  Any time you have concerns about something you think we can help with, please talk to us first.

Contact Details

To receive prompt action, contacting us via email is best on info@nononsenserentals.co.nz.  If you do not have access to the internet, please contact our office by telephone on 09 631 5622.  If you need to contact us after hours for an emergency, call 027 591 4544.

Please make all your formal requests for repairs, or in to relation to other matters affecting the property or the tenancy in writing.  In most cases an email is sufficient.

If you wish to visit the office to discuss any issues with a particular Property Manager, please make an appointment.  This makes sure the right person is available to deal with your issue.  We are often out of the office, and there is nothing more annoying than having to wait, or not getting the full answers because the right staff members do not happen to be available when you drop in.  The office is closed on Sundays, Public Holidays and at Christmas/New Year.

Paying Rent

Your most important obligation under the tenancy is to pay the rent and pay it on time.  If there is the slightest possibility of difficulty in this area, talk to us as soon as possible.  We need to know the truth about the issue and we need to know early.  Rent is due on or before the due date.  To help you manage paying the rent on time, we strongly recommend you use the bank automatic payment system.

If your rent falls into arrears we will contact you initially with a friendly phone call or text message.  We will then follow this up with a written reminder.  If you continue to be in arrears we will issue you with a 10 day notice.  If this situation is not rectified, an application will be made for mediation and possibly a Tenancy Tribunal Hearing requesting immediate termination of the tenancy.  Late and non-payment of rent is an issue that does not go away, and has a habit of following you (and your reputation) for a considerable time.  Please note that cash is not kept at the office for security reasons.  A written receipt for rent direct credited or paid by internet transfer is not issued.

Maintaining the Property

Your second most important obligation is to maintain the property in the condition you find it (subject of course to normal wear and tear).  It is important to check the Initial Inspection Report in the first week of your tenancy.  Note down anything that you feel is incorrect within seven days and return a copy of the report, signed by yourself, back to the office.  This Initial Inspection Report along with photographs will be used as the benchmark to ascertain your compliance with this tenancy obligation when it comes to the time when you vacate the property.


Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, up to an amount equivalent to 4 weeks rent, may be taken for a Bond.  This is then lodged with the Department of Building and Housing for the duration of the tenancy.  You will receive written confirmation from The Bond Centre that they have received your Bond and they will provide you with a Bond number.  The bond is held as security against any unpaid rent, water rates or damage to the property.  The bond is refunded directly into your nominated bank account after the Final Inspection has been completed and any monies owing have been agreed upon.


Regular inspections are done to check the general condition of the property and any requirements for maintenance.  We will send your written notice prior to the inspection.  The inspector also provides you with an opportunity to point out any problems or repairs that you think may be necessary.


As part of your tenancy agreement you have agreed to notify us if there are any damages or repairs that may be required at the property.  If you have access to the internet, then submit a Repair Request through the website.  If you do not have internet access, please put in writing your repair or maintenance request and post this to us at the office.

If a genuine emergency problem occurs outside of office hours (i.e. Saturday afternoon, Sunday, or after 5.00pm Monday to Friday) please call us on 027 591 4544 or directly contact:

Plumber: D & L Plumbing - 09 358 5888
Electrician: Ross Weeks - 027 4949 031

If a tradesman is required to attend the property and a suitable time has been agreed between you and the tradesman and you are then not home, you agree that you will be charged for the standard service call for attending the property.  If a repair request is reported to our office and it is caused by tenant neglect, you agree to be responsible for the payment of the account.  For example, power failure due to one of your faulty appliances, a foreign object blocking toilets or garbage disposal units.

Utility Services

As the tenant, you are responsible for arranging connection of all utility services (electricity, gas, phone) you require in your own name.  If you have not attended to this already we recommend the use of ConnectNow.  This is a free service that makes all the arrangements for you, and we can assist you in applying for this service.  Upon vacating the property it is your responsibility to arrange disconnection of all utility services.  If you forget to do this, the next occupant will have the financial benefit at your expense!

Terminating Your Fixed Term Tenancy Early

If circumstances arise where it is necessary to break your fixed term, then we can usually help you under the following conditions.  As per your tenancy agreement you are responsible for and must continue to pay rent until the property is re-let to a suitable tenant who commences paying rent, or until the end of your fixed term tenancy agreement, whichever is sooner.  You must pay for all advertising costs incurred by us in the process of securing a new tenant, and for reasonable costs of re-letting, usually equivalent to one week rent.

Giving Notice of Tenancy Termination

Notice to end a tenancy must be in writing.  The Notice to Vacate can be downloaded from our website.  Please email, post or hand this into our office.  The notice is not effective until we receive it.  If your tenancy is a periodic tenancy (i.e. of no fixed term), then 21 days written notice of vacating is required.

Final Inspection

The guideline for our final inspection is your initial Inspection Report.  If work is required to rectify a deficiency in the property, we will account to you for the costs.  After the final inspection is completed, we will account to you for any costs referred to above, any outstanding water costs, any rent outstanding, and finalise any Bond refund due to you.  You will receive this refund from the Bond Centre via a direct credit into your nominated bank account.

Please note that rent is charged up to and including the day that all keys are returned to our office.


It is your responsibility to insure your own personal belongings and furniture by taking out contents insurance.  Your landlord has insurance for the property and any other landlord owned assets at the property.  In the event that you, another occupier, or visitor accidentally damages the property and rectification work is required, you may be required to pay any excess that may apply to the landlord's insurance cover.


You are not permitted to assign or sub-lease the property without the landlord's permission.  If you want to do this, then please contact us at the office first.  Your tenancy agreement states the maximum number of people who are permitted to occupy the property.  If there is any change in either the original occupants or any additional occupants, please notify us immediately.

Keys - Locked Out of the Property?

If you find yourself locked out of your property you may visit our office to collect our office set of keys.  If the lock out occurs after hours and requires staff to be called out, you may be charged a callout fee of $40.00.  It is important to note that for privacy and security reasons, we are only able to give keys to tenants listed on the tenancy agreement and photo identification must be produced.

If you change a key/lock at the property, you must immediately provide us with two working copies of the new keys and a written advice of which lock(s) are changed and why.

Privacy Statement

Our office is required to collect personal information from you to manage the tenancy.  The information collected may be disclosed to the owners, trades people, tenant database registers, bodies corporate, strata managements, real estate agents, tribunals, courts, insurance companies or other related third parties necessary to manage your property or as required at law.  If you would like access to your information or wish to correct incomplete or out of date information, please contact our office.

Tenancy Glitch

We respect your rights as a tenant to quiet enjoyment and privacy during your tenancy and we will do our best to help you during our time together.  However, should you believe you have a problem, which is not being treated fairly by our staff, please put your complaint in writing and we will attend to it promptly and respond to your problem within seven (7) days.

If you are concerned about any matter relating to your tenancy please contact us.  We can solve most problems before they escalate, making your tenancy as problem free and enjoyable as possible.